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List of Issues


    Issue 58 (2017)

Special Issue: "10th Word Congress on Water Resources and Environment"
(EWRA2017 - Issue II)
Guest editors: G. Tsakiris, V.A. Tsihrintzis, H. Vangelis, D. Tigkas


Title Unusual river turbidity and water quality hysteresis in the most urbanised catchment in the UK
Authors D.M. Lawler
Pages 1 - 6
Text pdf (691 KB)


Title Pyrosequencing analysis of ammonia oxidizing bacteria in municipal activated sludge system
Authors O.O. Awolusi, S. Kumari and F. Bux
Pages 7 - 14
Text pdf (572 KB)


Title Evaluation of membranes as promising technique for reclamation and reuse of wastewater
Authors B. Maryam, S. Ustun and H. Buyukgungor
Pages 15 - 19
Text pdf (469 KB)


Title The effect of polymer concentration on electrospun PVDF membranes for desalination by direct contact membrane distillation
Authors S.B. Armand, A. Fouladitajar, F.Z. Ashtiani and M. Karimi
Pages 21 -26
Text pdf (1655 KB)


Title High performance functionalized MWCNT/PES membrane for oil-inwater treatment
Authors S.M. Abedan Dehkordi, F. Zokaee Ashtiani and A. Fouladitajar
Pages 27 - 32
Text pdf (1013 KB)


Title Purification of Humic acids contained simulated wastewater using membrane ultrafiltration
Authors S. Saha and C. Das
Pages 33 - 40
Text pdf (864 KB)


Title Removal of diclofenac in drinking water with fenton process
Authors S. Ustun Odabasi and H. Buyukgungor
Pages 41 - 46
Text pdf (447 KB)


Title CFD-aided modelling for hydrodynamic analysis of biological reactor
Authors S. Manenti, S. Todeschini, M.C. Collivignarelli and A. Abbà
Pages 47 - 51
Text pdf (834 KB)


Title Bimetal doping on TiO2 for photocatalytic water treatment: A green route
Authors V. Rao Chelli and A.K. Golder
Pages 53 - 60
Text pdf (1256 KB)


Title CFD modelling of wind effect on rectangular settling tanks of water treatment plants
Authors A. Gkesouli and A. Stamou
Pages 61 - 67
Text pdf (828 KB)


Title Investigation of preparation conditions of Nano-SiO2 embedded PES membranes for producing clean water from wastewater
Authors A. Fouladitajar, M.B. Ghandashtani and F.Z. Ashtiani
Pages 69 - 73
Text pdf (508 KB)


Title Moving towards a water-sustainable chemical industry: Novel water recovery processes
Authors G. Kolliopoulos, E. Shum, J. Marial and V.G. Papangelakis
Pages 75 - 81
Text pdf (641 KB)


Title Biological treatment of a low strength domestic wastewater in a membrane bioreactor
Authors A. Bezirgiannidis, N. Marinakis, S. Ntougias and P. Melidis
Pages 83 - 86
Text pdf (534 KB)


Title Application of nanostructured materials in fluoride removal from contaminated groundwater
Authors S. Bhattacharya
Pages 87 - 93
Text pdf (441 KB)


Title Distribution and assessment of heavy metals and physicochemical parameters in riverine basin
Authors M. Khalilzadeh Poshtegal and S.A. Mirbagheri
Pages 95 - 102
Text pdf (1335 KB)


Title Desalination and alternative water resources
Authors N.X. Tsiourtis
Pages 103 - 109
Text pdf (454 KB)


Title Source separation technologies, opportunities for sustainable wastewater management
Authors T. Zinati Shoa, M. Barjenbruch and A. Wriege-Bechtold
Pages 111 - 117
Text pdf (443 KB)


Title Assessing ecological flow conditions for wetlands fed from ungauged stream reaches
Authors A. Gül, K. Ayyıldız, F. Barbaros and T. Baran
Pages 119 - 126
Text pdf (11759 KB)


Title Evaluation of streamflow habitat relationships using habitat suitability curves and HEC-RAS
Authors C. Papadaki, V. Bellos, M. Stoumboudi, G. Kopsiaftis and E. Dimitriou
Pages 127 - 134
Text pdf (1094 KB)


Title Simulation of organics and nitrogen removal from wastewater in constructed wetland
Authors M. Taheriyoun and M. Rad
Pages 135 - 141
Text pdf (1306 KB)


Title Assessing the source of nitrate and heavy metals in groundwater resources of Abarkooh plain, central Iran
Authors M. Meraat, H. Jafari and A. Qishlaqi
Pages 143 - 150
Text pdf (5515 KB)


Title Case studies investigating hydraulic parameters in full-scale constructed wetlands
Authors V.G. Ioannidou and J.M. Pearson
Pages 151 - 158
Text pdf (3758 KB)


Title Modelling of nickel dynamics in vertical subsurface flow constructed wetlands using a System Thinking Environment
Authors C. Defo and R. Kaur
Pages 159 - 164
Text pdf (509 KB)


Title Multi-criteria evaluation of wastewater treatment technologies in constructed wetlands
Authors B. Srdjevic, Z. Srdjevic and K. Suvocarev
Pages 165 - 171
Text pdf (525 KB)


Title Assessment at mid-Black Sea coast of Turkey for recovery valuable heavy metals from sediments
Authors A. Şimşek and G. Bakan
Pages 173 - 177
Text pdf (517 KB)


Title Evaluation of clogging in HSF pilot-scale CWs using tracer experiments
Authors G.D. Gikas, V.A. Papaevangelou, K. Moutsopoulos and V.A. Tsihrintzis
Pages 179 - 184
Text pdf (619 KB)


Title Earth Observation based monitoring in Natura-2000 sites, providing ecosystem services for their adaptive management
Authors A. Zouboulis, A. Tsirika, E. Terzopoulou, G. Skoufas, I.-D. Adamakis, S. Kyriakidis, V. Liakopoulos, N. Tziolas and G. Zalidis
Pages 185 - 190
Text pdf (2418 KB)


Title Water quality estimation in Greek lakes from Landsat 8 multispectral satellite data
Authors E. Kontopoulou, P. Kolokoussis and K. Karantzalos
Pages 191 - 196
Text pdf (1172 KB)


Title Assessment of the environmentally minimum lake level based on morphological features
Authors C. Doulgeris, P. Georgiou, A. Apostolakis, D. Papadimos, D. Zervas, O. Petriki, D. Bobori, D. Papamichail, V. Antonopoulos, C. Farcas and P. Stålnacke
Pages 197 - 202
Text pdf (1075 KB)


Title Critical review of adaptation strategies for the restoration of Lake Koronia
Authors D. Malamataris, E. Kolokytha, I. Mylopoulos and A. Loukas
Pages 203 - 208
Text pdf (832 KB)


Title Evaluating the ecological restoration of a Mediterranean reservoir
Authors P. Sidiropoulos, M. Chamoglou and I. Kagalou
Pages 209 - 215
Text pdf (1835 KB)


Title A comparative study of water quality in a highly frequented seacoast in Albania
Authors E. Hamzaraj, P. Lazo, A. Paparisto and R. Bami
Pages 217 - 221
Text pdf (434 KB)


Title Performance of direct contact membrane distillation for simulated dyeing wastewater treatment
Authors M. Lou, L. Ding, F. Zhao, F. Li, C. Ma, Q. Tian and Y. Liu
Pages 223 - 228
Text pdf (835 KB)


Title Stable isotopes (dD & d18O) and major ion chemistry of surface waters in Tajikistan, arid Central Asia
Authors Q. Li, J. Wu, B. Shen and H. Zeng
Pages 229 - 235
Text pdf (10341 KB)


Title Comparative study of the environmental state of Ohrid and Prespa Lakes, Albania
Authors A. Shehu, M. Vasjari, S. Duka, L. Vallja and N. Broli
Pages 237 - 244
Text pdf (1098 KB)


Title Water quality in Osumi, Devolli and Shkumbini rivers, using benthic invertebrates
Authors B. Pepa, A. Paparisto, E. Keci and E. Halimi
Pages 245 - 250
Text pdf (617 KB)


Title Biodiversity indices and nutrient load assessment in Ishmi River, Albania, during 2012-2013
Authors E. Keçi, B. Pepa, A. Paparisto and S. Duka
Pages 251 - 256
Text pdf (614 KB)


Title Possibility of artificial beach nourishment using crushed limestone aggregate
Authors S. Juradin, M. Rajkovic and M. Vranjes
Pages 257 - 262
Text pdf (1208 KB)


Title The impact of drinking water on the prevalence of H. Pylori in humans in Elbasan, Albania
Authors S. Mali, L. Vrushi and N. Hila
Pages 263 - 266
Text pdf (409 KB)


Title Groundwater contamination from uninsulated sewage tanks in an eastern Hungarian settlement
Authors T. Mester, G. Szabó, G. Karancsi and D. Balla
Pages 267 - 271
Text pdf (4984 KB)


Title Linkages between physicochemical status and hydromorphology in Greek lakes under WFD policy
Authors E. Mavromati, I. Kagalou, D. Kemitzoglou, A. Apostolakis and V. Tsiaoussi
Pages 273 - 279
Text pdf (1696 KB)


Title Relationship between water yield and water quality in broadleaf forested watersheds
Authors F. Gökbulak, Y. Serengil, I. Yurtseven, B.U. Erdoğan, M.S. Özçelik, S. Özhan and K. Şengönül
Pages 281 - 286
Text pdf (448 KB)


Title Water quality model of Alibeyköy watershed and LID implementation
Authors S. Gülbaz and C.M. Kazezyılmaz-Alhan
Pages 287 - 292
Text pdf (4004 KB)


Title Change of land use and soil coverage in the area of influence of natural national park Los Nevados
Authors D.A. Patino Rincon, S.A. Camargo, D. Rey, J.J. Velez and J. Zambrano
Pages 293 - 300
Text pdf (2714 KB)


Title Comparison of two habitat modeling approaches for the determination of the ecological flow
Authors G. Papadonikolaki, A. Stamou, E. Dimitriou, M.-D. Bui and P. Rutschmann
Pages 301 - 305
Text pdf (948 KB)


Title Annual sediment yield prediction by means of three soil erosion models at the basin scale
Authors K. Kaffas and V. Hrissanthou
Pages 307 - 314
Text pdf (1114 KB)


Title Bioavailability of metals in soils irrigated by synthetic wastewater: Metal speciation
Authors S.I. Korfali and H. Karaki
Pages 315 - 322
Text pdf (689 KB)


Title Finding a sustainable balance in the water food nexus – Socio-economic transformation in an agricultural catchment
Authors M. Roobavannan, J. Kandasamy, S. Pande, S. Vigneswaran and M. Sivapalan
Pages 323 - 329
Text pdf (780 KB)


Title Assessing the quality of bottled water brands using a new water quality index
Authors V. Tsakiris, D. Alexakis and V.A. Tsihrintzis
Pages 331 - 335
Text pdf (457 KB)


Title GIS-based spatial decision support system for the optimum siting of offshore windfarms
Authors E. Sourianos, K. Kyriakou and G.A. Hatiris
Pages 337 - 343
Text pdf (849 KB)


Title Water management in nuclear power plant using advanced low-temperature systems
Authors G. Zakrzewska - Kołtuniewicz
Pages 345 - 350
Text pdf (515 KB)


Title Productivity analysis based on fuzzy logic on paddy area irrigated by varied water sources
Authors B. Aydin and Y. Ahi
Pages 351 - 358
Text pdf (718 KB)


Title Influence of clay lens on contaminant transport in unconfined coastal aquifers
Authors B. Sharma, D.S. Rishi, B.K. Mudai and R.K. Bhattacharjya
Pages 359 - 364
Text pdf (869 KB)


Title Study of contamination of the transboundary river Kura in Georgia
Authors E. Bakradze, G. Kuchava and L. Shavliashvili
Pages 365 - 370
Text pdf (1560 KB)


Title Understanding the anaerobic fluidized membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment
Authors J. Wang, A.G. Fane and J.W. Chew
Pages 371 - 374
Text pdf (968 KB)


Title Efficient parallel evolutionary optimization algorithm applied to a water distribution system
Authors T.T. Tanyimboh and A.G. Seyoum
Pages 375 - 381
Text pdf (576 KB)


Title Modeling and optimization control of a hybrid water system
Authors H. Mu, T. Rauschenbach, D. Karamanzia and N. Cai
Pages 383 - 390
Text pdf (3391 KB)


Title Using bayesian networks for risk assessment of real losses in water distribution systems
Authors M. Tabesh, N.R. Faghihi, A. Roozbahani, R. Heidarzadeh and B. Roghani
Pages 391 - 398
Text pdf (555 KB)


Title Diagnosis of water pipeline systems by frequency domain analysis
Authors M. Ferrante and C. Capponi
Pages 399 - 406
Text pdf (945 KB)


Title Reliability-based design of water distribution networks considering mechanical failures
Authors S. Sirsant and M.J. Reddy
Pages 407 - 414
Text pdf (851 KB)


Title Stochastic gradient methods for the optimization of water supply systems
Authors A.A. Gaivoronski, J. Napolitano and G.M. Sechi
Pages 415 - 421
Text pdf (1198 KB)


Title Spectral analysis and topological and energy metrics for water network partitioning of Skiathos island
Authors A. Di Nardo, M. Di Natale, C. Giudicianni, C. Laspidou, F. Morlando, G.F. Santonastaso and D. Kofinas
Pages 423 - 428
Text pdf (928 KB)


Title Waterloss detection in streaming water flow timeseries using change-point anomaly methods
Authors S.E. Christodoulou, E. Kourti and A. Agathokleous
Pages 429 - 434
Text pdf (1029 KB)


Title Towards resilient water networks by using resilience key performance indicators
Authors D. Ayala-Cabrera, O. Piller, J. Deuerlein and M. Herrera
Pages 435 - 441
Text pdf (1611 KB)


Title Data mining for household water consumption analysis using self-organizing maps
Authors A.E. Ioannou, D. Kofinas, A. Spyropoulou and C. Laspidou
Pages 443 - 448
Text pdf (3517 KB)


Title Incorporating uncertainty in the design of water distribution systems
Authors M. Spiliotis and G. Tsakiris
Pages 449 - 456
Text pdf (1297 KB)


Title Pressure dependent analysis for managing contaminant propagation in water supply systems
Authors M. Zafari, M. Tabesh and S. Nazif
Pages 457 - 463
Text pdf (700 KB)


Title Evolution of water supply infrastructures of Thessaloniki city, Hellas, through centuries
Authors S. Yannopoulos, A. Kaiafa-Saropoulou, E. Gala-Georgila and E. Eleftheriadou
Pages 465 - 472
Text pdf (590 KB)


Title Impact of water pricing policy and climate change on future water demand in Volos, Greece
Authors N. Mylopoulos, C. Fafoutis, S. Sfyris and A. Alamanos
Pages 473 - 479
Text pdf (690 KB)


Title Domestic water demand forecasting for Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Authors M.F.M. Abushammala and A.K. Bawazir
Pages 481 - 487
Text pdf (583 KB)


Title Robustness and vulnerability assessment of water networks by use of centrality metrics
Authors A. Agathokleous, C. Christodoulou and S.E. Christodoulou
Pages 489 - 495
Text pdf (2279 KB)


Title The role of domestic rainwater harvesting systems in storm water runoff mitigation
Authors I. Gnecco, A. Palla and P. La Barbera
Pages 497 - 503
Text pdf (530 KB)


Title Water efficiency indicators studies and energy applied to real water distribution system of south of Minas Gerais - Brazil
Authors F.G.B. Silva, F.R. Soares, M.R. Andrade and D.O. Sant´Ana
Pages 505 - 512
Text pdf (659 KB)


Title Relationship between Hazen-William coefficient and Colebrook-White friction factor: Application in water network analysis
Authors M. Niazkar, N. Talebbeydokhti and S.H. Afzali
Pages 513 - 520
Text pdf (917 KB)


Title The role of rainwater harvesting on providing vegetation water requirement in arid and semi-arid regions
Authors M.T. Dastorani, B. Kouhzad, A. Sepehr and A. Talebi
Pages 521 - 527
Text pdf (2527 KB)


Title Wastewater treatment by solar air gap multi-stage membrane distillation
Authors I.J. Siddique, R. Bahar, S. Ibrahim and M.H.F. Al Hazza
Pages 529 - 534
Text pdf (1227 KB)


Title Adaptive management of Koronia ecosystem based on external-internal dynamics
Authors E. Ntonou, C. Mitraki, V.A. Tsihrintzis, T.L. Crisman and G.C. Zalidis
Pages 535 - 541
Text pdf (421 KB)
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