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List of Issues


    Issue 57 (2017)

Special Issue: "10th Word Congress on Water Resources and Environment"
(EWRA2017 - Issue I)
Guest editors: G. Tsakiris, V.A. Tsihrintzis, H. Vangelis, D. Tigkas


Title "Panta Rhei" - Editorial
Authors G. Tsakiris, V.A. Tsihrintzis, H. Vangelis and D. Tigkas
Pages 1 - 2
Text pdf (355 KB)


Title Water depth-damage functions for flood direct tangible damage evaluation in built-up areas in Sardinia (Italy)
Authors S. Frongia, A. Ruiu and G.M. Sechi
Pages 3 - 9
Text pdf (883 KB)


Title On urban inundation and damage modelling
Authors A. Radice, A. Bettiga, R. Figueiredo and D. Molinari
Pages 11 - 17
Text pdf (1505 KB)


Title Flood risk and flood processes in a changing environment
Authors A.H. Schumann and S. Fischer
Pages 19 - 25
Text pdf (536 KB)


Title Numerical modeling of Samsun Mert River floods
Authors A. Ulke, N. Beden, V. Demir and N. Menek
Pages 27 - 34
Text pdf (4464 KB)


Title Flood Directive implementation in Greece: Experiences and future improvements
Authors P. Dimitriadis, A. Tegos, A. Petsiou, V. Pagana, I. Apostolopoulos, E. Vassilopoulos, M. Gini, A. Koussis, N. Mamassis, D. Koutsoyiannis and P. Papanicolaou
Pages 35 - 41
Text pdf (1824 KB)


Title Spatial variability of flood source areas using "unit flood response" method
Authors M. Rezaei, M. Vafakhah and B. Ghermezcheshmeh
Pages 43 - 48
Text pdf (658 KB)


Title Evaluation of flood management plan on Cilemer river basin, Indonesia
Authors D. Indrawati,Y. Suryadi, D.P. Saputro, I. Taufik and M.B. Adityawan
Pages 49 - 56
Text pdf (3313 KB)


Title Cluster analysis and classification of storm events at Rethymno
Authors N. Martzikos, A. Lykou, C. Makropoulos and V. Tsoukala
Pages 57 - 62
Text pdf (556 KB)


Title Daily runoff estimation in Musi river basin, India, from gridded rainfall using SWAT model
Authors V. Jothiprakash, C. Praveenkumar and M. Manasa
Pages 63 - 69
Text pdf (936 KB)


Title Distributed rainfall runoff modeling over Krishna river basin
Authors S. Nandi and M.J. Reddy
Pages 71 - 76
Text pdf (1141 KB)


Title Application of HEC-HMS for the event and continuous simulation in high-altitude scarcely-gauged catchment under changing climate
Authors M. Azmat, M.U. Qamar, S. Ahmed, E. Hussain and M. Umair
Pages 77 - 84
Text pdf (901 KB)


Title Prediction and validation of turbulent flow around a cylindrical weir
Authors N.G. Soydan, O. Şimşek and M.S. Aköz
Pages 85 - 92
Text pdf (1443 KB)


Title Time series analysis of water characteristics of streams in Eastern Macedonia – Thrace, Greece
Authors T. Papalaskaris and G. Kampas
Pages 93 - 100
Text pdf (872 KB)


Title Application of Bayesian algorithm in continuous streamflow modeling of a mountain watershed
Authors S. Sadeghi-Tabas, S.Z. Samadi and B. Zahabiyoun
Pages 101 - 108
Text pdf (884 KB)


Title Impact of extreme events on watershed dynamics
Authors J. Kim, M. Dwelle, A. Warnock, V. Ivanov and N. Katopodes
Pages 109 - 113
Text pdf (475 KB)


Title A decision support system for urban stormwater drainage management
Authors F. De Paola, M. Giugni, F. Pugliese and P. Romano
Pages 115 - 121
Text pdf (1621 KB)


Title Modelling of a combined sewer system and evaluation of mitigation measures using SWMM
Authors I.M. Kourtis, V.A. Tsihrintzis and E.A. Baltas
Pages 123 - 128
Text pdf (829 KB)


Title WRF-PDM: Prognostic approach for discharge prediction in ungauged catchment
Authors P.K. Srivastava, T. Islam, G. Petropoulos and M. Gupta
Pages 129 - 132
Text pdf (698 KB)


Title Estimation of the Muskingum routing coefficients by using fuzzy regression
Authors M. Spiliotis and L. Garrote
Pages 133 - 140
Text pdf (1175 KB)


Title Influence of precipitation and land cover changes in a Mediterranean mountain watershed (Guadalaviar River, Spain)
Authors I. Melendez-Pastor, E.I. Hernández, J. Navarro-Pedreño, I. Gómez and M.B. Almendro-Candel
Pages 141 - 146
Text pdf (1796 KB)


Title An implementation of a water balance model in the Evrotas basin
Authors P.G. Marinou, E.G. Feloni, O. Tzoraki and E.A. Baltas
Pages 147 - 154
Text pdf (1790 KB)


Title Multivariate modelling of meteorological droughts
Authors E. Iliopoulos, V. Tsakiris, H. Vangelis, D. Tigkas and G. Tsakiris
Pages 155 - 161
Text pdf (1000 KB)


Title Ungauged drainage basins: Investigation on the basin of Peneios River, Thessaly, Greece
Authors V. Gourgoulios and I. Nalbantis
Pages 163 - 169
Text pdf (1389 KB)


Title Effect of land cover / use change on soil erosion assessment in Dubračina catchment (Croatia)
Authors N. Dragičević, B. Karleuša and N. Ožanić
Pages 171 - 177
Text pdf (1188 KB)


Title Development of flood and mudflow events for the spatio-temporal risk assessment of networks
Authors J. Hackl, M. Heitzler, J.C. Lam, B.T. Adey and L. Hurni
Pages 179 - 185
Text pdf (4043 KB)


Title Site suitability analysis of soil and water conservation structures in watershed using GIS
Authors D.G. Regulwar and R.M. Ambhore
Pages 187 - 192
Text pdf (862 KB)


Title Imputation of erosivity values under incomplete rainfall data by machine learning methods
Authors K. Vantas and E. Sidiropoulos
Pages 193 - 199
Text pdf (929 KB)


Title Impact of restoration measures in a densely urbanised area: The case of Buenos Aires
Authors I.M. Arzuaga, G. Navarro and S.V. Viñes
Pages 201 - 206
Text pdf (1172 KB)


Title Presenting the mathematical model to determine retention in the watersheds
Authors S. Shamohammadi
Pages 207 - 213
Text pdf (743 KB)


Title Considering data uncertainty in the water and sanitation sector: Application to large number of alternatives and criteria
Authors F. Ezbakhe and A. Pérez-Foguet
Pages 215 - 222
Text pdf (1619 KB)


Title Hydrological modelling of low flows for operational water resources management
Authors L. Vasiliades, G. Sarailidis and A. Loukas
Pages 223 - 229
Text pdf (694 KB)


Title A network model simulation proposal for river basin management plans (RBMPs) in Turkey
Authors S. Burak, A.H. Bilge and D. Dernek
Pages 231 - 236
Text pdf (980 KB)


Title Assessment of bedload transport in gravel-bed rivers with a new fuzzy adaptive regression
Authors M. Spiliotis, V. Kitsikoudis and V. Hrissanthou
Pages 237 - 244
Text pdf (1124 KB)


Title Modeling and optimization control of a hybrid water system
Authors H. Mu, T. Rauschenbach, D. Karamanzia and N. Cai
Pages 245 - 252
Text pdf (12116 KB)


Title Experimental and numerical simulation of the flow over a spillway
Authors A. Serafeim, L. Avgeris, V. Hrissanthou and K. Bellos
Pages 253 - 260
Text pdf (7029 KB)


Title Methodological framework to estimate the coastal sediment supply of the island beaches
Authors I. Kontogeorgos, O. Tzoraki, N. Moutafis, Th. Hasiotis and A. Velegrakis
Pages 261 - 266
Text pdf (864 KB)


Title Influence of river routing methods on integrated catchment water quality modelling
Authors A. Moreno-Rodenas, V. Bellos, J. Langeveld and F. Clemens
Pages 267 - 272
Text pdf (1429 KB)


Title Definition of critical support area revisited
Authors I. Papageorgaki and I. Nalbantis
Pages 273 - 278
Text pdf (2150 KB)


Title Integration of rain gauge errors in radar-rain gauge merging techniques
Authors F. Cecinati, A. Moreno Rodenas and M.A. Rico-Ramirez
Pages 279 - 285
Text pdf (2961 KB)


Title Effect of varying calibration scenarios on the performance of a hydrodynamic sewer model
Authors F. Tscheikner-Gratl, P. Zeisl, C. Kinzel, J. Leimgruber, T. Ertl, W. Rauch and M. Kleidorfer
Pages 287 - 291
Text pdf (533 KB)


Title Surrogate modelling for simplification of a complex urban drainage model
Authors M. Mahmoodian, J.P. Carbajal, V. Bellos, U. Leopold, G. Schutz and F. Clemens
Pages 293 - 297
Text pdf (3142 KB)


Title Multivariate autoregressive modelling and conditional simulation of precipitation time series for urban water models
Authors J.A. Torres-Matallana, U. Leopold and G.B.M. Heuvelink
Pages 299 - 306
Text pdf (987 KB)


Title A simplified methodology for flood simulation in urban catchments
Authors V. Bellos, I.M. Kourtis and V.A. Tsihrintzis
Pages 307 - 313
Text pdf (5314 KB)


Title Comparison of different rainfall-runoff models performance: A case study of Liqvan catchment, Iran
Authors N. Sadeghi Loyeh and M. Rahimi Jamnani
Pages 315 -322
Text pdf (1534 KB)


Title Model selection techniques in SWAT-based hydrological modelling
Authors B. Asl-Rousta, S. Jamshid Mousavi and M. Ehtiat
Pages 323 - 328
Text pdf (1296 KB)


Title Identification of potential locations for groundwater pumping and recharge to minimize the impact of floods and droughts in the Ganges basin
Authors L. Surinaidu, D. Kumar Sahadevan, U. Amarasinghe and M.J. Nandan
Pages 329 - 335
Text pdf (1135 KB)


Title A simple model for low flow forecasting in Mediterranean streams
Authors K. Risva, D. Nikolopoulos, A. Efstratiadis and I. Nalbantis
Pages 337 - 343
Text pdf (859 KB)


Title Artificial neural networks and particle swarm optimization based model for the solution of groundwater management problem
Authors S. Gaur, A. Dave, A. Gupta, A. Ohri, P.K.S. Dikshit and S.B. Dwivedi
Pages 345 - 352
Text pdf (778 KB)


Title Vulnerability of groundwater to pollution using three different models in Halabja Saidsadiq basin, Iraq
Authors T.O. Abdullah, S.S. Ali, N.A. Al-Ansari and S. Knutsson
Pages 353 - 359
Text pdf (1331 KB)


Title Artificial intelligence and regression analysis in predicting ground water levels in public administration
Authors G.N. Kouziokas, A. Chatzigeorgiou and K. Perakis
Pages 361 - 366
Text pdf (756 KB)


Title Ground water risk management using dynamic bayesian networks and PROMETHEE method
Authors A. Roozbahani, E. Ebrahimi and M.E. Banihabib
Pages 367 - 374
Text pdf (1023 KB)


Title Analytical solutions to groundwater flow around wells using discharge potential
Authors S. Korkmaz
Pages 375 - 382
Text pdf (3234 KB)


Title Management of coastal hydrosystems through the application of free and open source software tool FREEWAT
Authors M. Perdikaki, C. Pouliaris, I. Borsi, R. Rossetto and A. Kallioras
Pages 383 - 388
Text pdf (5022 KB)


Title Modifying SINTACS method to assess groundwater vulnerability and pollution risk to nitrate
Authors G. Busico, N. Colombani, E. Cuoco, M. Mastrocicco, M. Sirna and D. Tedesco
Pages 389 - 394
Text pdf (2137 KB)


Title Application of head-guided zonation method to delineate groundwater vulnerability zones in a data-scarce catchment
Authors D.K.S.Y. Klaas, M.A. Imteaz and A. Arulrajah
Pages 395 - 398
Text pdf (2198 KB)


Title Hydrochemical and qualitative assessment of natural water spring in southern Italy
Authors S. Gaglioti, E. Infusino, T. Caloiero and G. Callegari
Pages 399 - 405
Text pdf (15074 KB)


Title Mechanism of controlling seawater intrusion at coastal aquifers using subsurface barrier
Authors R. Shafiee, S.S. Mehdizadeh and A.S. Gooya
Pages 407 - 412
Text pdf (919 KB)


Title Long term monitoring of aquifer salinization processes in a physical analog model
Authors N. Colombani, B.M.S. Giambastiani and M. Mastrocicco
Pages 413 - 416
Text pdf (655 KB)


Title A three dimensional modeling approach to groundwater management in Paharpur Canal Command Area, Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan
Authors A. Khan, A. Qadir, M. Zafar and T. Khan
Pages 417 - 422
Text pdf (1107 KB)


Title Updated groundwater vulnerability evaluation at a coastal aquifer system in NE Greece
Authors G. Eminoglou, I. Gkiougkis, A. Kallioras and F.-K. Pliakas
Pages 423 - 428
Text pdf (2624 KB)


Title Use of remote sensing and electrical resistivity tomography to determine Tidsi spring recharge and underground drainage
Authors M. Hssaisoune, S. Boutaleb, L. Bouchaou, M. Benssaou and T. Tagma
Pages 429 - 434
Text pdf (5192 KB)


Title A two-dimensional analytical model for tide-induced groundwater fluctuation in leaky aquifers
Authors M.-H. Chuang and H.-D. Yeh
Pages 435 - 441
Text pdf (2271 KB)


Title Pumping optimization in coastal aquifers: Comparison of sharp interface and density dependent models
Authors G. Kopsiaftis, V. Christelis and A. Mantoglou
Pages 443 - 449
Text pdf (1079 KB)


Title Towards sustainable management of groundwater: A case study of semiarid area, Iraqi Kurdistan region
Authors M. Nanekely, M. Scholz and S. Qarani Aziz
Pages 451 - 457
Text pdf (815 KB)


Title Assessing groundwater use in irrigation districts with multiple resources (MIGRAD)
Authors D. Zingaro, I. Portoghese, A. Pagano, R. Giordano and M. Vurro
Pages 459 - 465
Text pdf (1107 KB)


Title Using groundwater flow simulation of the Chania Plain area to propose a proper irrigation plan
Authors C. Goumas, Z. Dokou, G.G. Morianou, N.N. Kourgialas and G.P. Karatzas
Pages 467 - 473
Text pdf (3768 KB)


Title Sustainable use of groundwater for irrigated agriculture: A case study of Punjab, Pakistan
Authors G.Z. Hassan and F.R. Hassan
Pages 475 - 480
Text pdf (873 KB)


Title Physics-based and data-driven surrogate models for pumping optimization of coastal aquifers
Authors V. Christelis and A. Mantoglou
Pages 481 - 488
Text pdf (1071 KB)


Title Phreatic / confined flows in polygons: Dupuit-Forchheimer model versus potential solutions
Authors A.R. Kacimov, A. Al-Maktoumi and Y.V. Obnosov
Pages 489 - 496
Text pdf (1711 KB)


Title Comparison of SGD rate between northern-southern coastlines of the Persian Gulf using RS
Authors M. Farzin, A. Nazari Samani, S. Feiznia, G.A. Kazemi and I. Golzar
Pages 497 - 503
Text pdf (4439 KB)


Title Groundwater flow simulation in confined aquifer by meshless element free Galerkin method
Authors T. Pathania and A.K. Rastogi
Pages 505 - 512
Text pdf (2966 KB)
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