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    Issue 16 (2017)

Special Issue: Integrated Water Resources Management in the New Era
Guest editors: V.A. Tsihrintzis, K.L. Katsifarakis and G. Tsakiris


Title Editorial
Authors V.A. Tsihrintzis, K.L. Katsifarakis and G. Tsakiris
Pages 03 - 05
Text pdf (387 KB)


Title Assessment of agriculture reclamation projects with the use of regional climate models
Authors C. Skoulikaris, J. Ganoulis, K. Tolika, C. Anagnostopoulou and K. Velikou
Pages 07 - 16
Text pdf (2455 KB)


Title Reliability analysis of household rainwater harvesting tanks in Greece
Authors P.A. Londra, A.T. Theocharis, Ε. Baltas and V.A. Tsihrintzis
Pages 17 - 24
Text pdf (648 KB)


Title Reducing Non Revenue Water in urban water distribution networks using DSS tools
Authors S. Tsitsifli, V. Kanakoudis, C. Kouziakis, G. Demetriou and S. Lappos
Pages 25 - 37
Text pdf (2063 KB)


Title Performance analysis of on-demand pressurized irrigation networks Case study in Greece
Authors P. Stamouli, N. Dercas and E. Baltas
Pages 39 - 55
Text pdf (1755 KB)


Title Optimal design and on demand operational analysis using performance indicators in a pumped irrigation network
Authors A-S. Petropoulou, D. Karpouzos and P. Georgiou
Pages 57 - 66
Text pdf (2471 KB)


Title The DPSIR approach to groundwater management for sustainable development in coastal areas: the case of Nea Peramos aquifer system, Kavala Greece
Authors K. Mimidis, P. Andrikakou, A. Kallioras and F. Pliakas
Pages 67 - 80
Text pdf (3657 KB)


Title Establishing wellhead protection areas and managing point and non-point pollution sources to support groundwater protection in the aquifer of Upper Anthemountas, Greece
Authors S. Sevastas, I. Siarkos, N. Theodossiou and I. Ifadis
Pages 81 - 95
Text pdf (5204 KB)


Title Estimation of near-saturated hydraulic conductivity values using a mini disc infiltrometer
Authors G. Kargas, P.A. Londra and J.D. Valiantzas
Pages 97 - 104
Text pdf (983 KB)


Title Efficiency of stabilization pond systems in Northern Greece on phosphorus removal
Authors M. Gratziou and M. Chalatsi
Pages 105 - 116
Text pdf (4066 KB)


Title Wastewater and stormwater infrastructures of Thessaloniki city, Hellas, through centuries
Authors S. Yannopoulos, A. Kaiafa-Saropoulou,  E. Gala-Georgila, E. Elefteriadou and A.N. Angelakis
Pages 117 - 129
Text pdf (2397 KB)
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