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    Issue 69/70 (2020)

Special Issue: "11th Word Congress on Water Resources and Environment"
Guest editors: D. Tigkas and L. Mediero


Title Managing water resources for a sustainable future - Editorial
Authors D. Tigkas and L. Mediero
Pages 1 - 2
Text pdf (125 KB)


Title Urban temperature trends in east Mediterranean: The case of Heraklion - Crete
Authors N. Proutsos, E. Korakaki, A. Bourletsikas, A. Solomou, E.V. Avramidou, C. Georgiadis, A.B. Kontogianni and K. Tsagari
Pages 3 - 14
Text pdf (302 KB)


Title Assessment of bedload transport in sand-gravel bed rivers by using nonlinear fuzzy regression
Authors M. Saridakis, M. Spiliotis and V. Hrissanthou
Pages 15 - 22
Text pdf (1598 KB)


Title WEBFRIS: a web-based flood information system for enhanced resilience through risk awareness
Authors M. Prakash Mohanty, S. Karmakar and S. Ghosh
Pages 23 - 31
Text pdf (1526 KB)


Title Experimental and numerical simulation of local scouring downstream of sharp-crested weirs in natural rivers
Authors E. Farsirotou, N. Xafoulis and S. Kotsopoulos
Pages 33 - 44
Text pdf (1137 KB)
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