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    Issue 32 (2023)

Special Issue: "Ariston men hydor – Ἄριστον μὲν ὕδωρ"
(Selected papers from the 15th Conference of the Hellenic Hydrotechnical Association)

Guest editors: D. Karpouzos, A. Psilovikos, Z. Mallios, M. Sapountzis and A.G. Samaras


Title Editorial for the special issue: “Ariston men hydor – Ἄριστον μὲν ὕδωρ”
Authors D. Karpouzos, A. Psilovikos, Z. Mallios, M. Sapountzis and A.G. Samaras
Pages 01 - 02
Text pdf (184 KB)


Title Selective pipe replacement using Genetic Algorithms for long-term operating cost minimization in existing water distribution networks
Authors A. Antoniou, N. Nagkoulis and N. Theodossiou
Pages 03 - 13
Text pdf (970 KB)


Title Water Footprint Calculator for Greece: A useful tool for surveying and constraining water needs in Greece and for raising public awareness
Authors A. Zafeirakou, A. Katsoulea and R.T. Ziampras
Pages 15 - 27
Text pdf (1609 KB)


Title Estimation of water use indicators of cotton under different irrigation regimes using CropSyst model
Authors P. Koukouli, M. Kokkora, P. Georgiou, D. Karpouzos, F. Bilias and D. Gasparatos
Pages 29 - 43
Text pdf (717 KB)


Title Application of an A.H.P. - G.I.S. technique for flood hazard assessment in Chalkidiki region
Authors N. Taoukidou, D. Karpouzos and P. Georgiou
Pages 45 - 62
Text pdf (1138 KB)
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