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List of Issues


    Issue 29 (2021)


Title Practical evaluation of key factors contributing to pipe failure by using a case study approach combined with statistical analysis
Authors H.B.K. Nguyen, P. Hondrovasilopoulos, P. Vrettis, Ch.W.K. Chow, Md M. Rahman, N. Gorjian and R. Rameezdeen
Pages 01 - 14
Text pdf (456 KB)


Title What defines rural water security? Identifying the contributing factors to household water security in Ghana
Authors B. Dosu
Pages 15 - 28
Text pdf (500 KB)


Title On the numerical modeling of non-hydrostatic flows with dual free surfaces
Authors Y.T. Zerihun
Pages 29 - 42
Text pdf (900 KB)


Title Water efficiency of counties and cities in Taiwan
Authors Jin-Li Hu, Yi-Jiun Lin and Yu-Mou Lee
Pages 43 - 53
Text pdf (374 KB)
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