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    Issue 23 (2019)



Title Combining averting expenditure and contingent valuation to evaluate the loss of water outage in residential sector and its application
Authors Y.-L. Kuo and K.A. Tarnowska
Pages 01 - 09
Text pdf (461 KB)


Title Curved-streamline open-channel flows in throatless flow-measuring flumes
Authors Y.T. Zerihun
Pages 11 - 26
Text pdf (2677 KB)


Title Evaluation of groundwater aquifers vulnerability in Ilorin Metropolis using electrical resistivity method of geophysics
Authors W.O. Raji, K.A. Abdulkadir and R.A. Rahman
Pages 27 - 36
Text pdf (2379 KB)


Title Development of regional flood frequency relationships using L-moments for gauged and ungauged catchments of India
Authors R. Kumar
Pages 37 - 47
Text pdf (1026 KB)


Title Technical evaluation of watershed management operations effects on river discharge - Case study: Sira-Kalvan watershed, Iran
Authors K. Karimizadeh, A. Salajegheh, M.M. Saravi, S.K. Sigaroodi, A. Malekian and N. Rostami
Pages 49 - 60
Text pdf (3910 KB)
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