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List of Issues


    Issue 22 (2019)



Title Smart technology to serve urban poor: A case study of water ATMs in a Nairobi slum
Authors A. Sarkar
Pages 01 - 12
Text pdf (1486 KB)


Title Unnoticed water crisis in urban areas: Unveiling specific scenarios from northwest Ethiopia
Authors F. Workneh and M. Belay
Pages 13 - 26
Text pdf (1785 KB)


Title Water demand in Qatar: Future trends and conservation scenarios
Authors A.A. Khalifa, A. Al-Maadid and M. Caporin
Pages 27 - 42
Text pdf (1666 KB)


Title Developing fuzzy-based learning for investigating water delivery duration in irrigation canals and extracting operational instructions in East Aghili canal
Authors K. Shahverdi
Pages 43 - 52
Text pdf (1715 KB)


Title Water management under traditional farming systems: Practices and limitations of the Mfongo system around Mt. Kilimanjaro
Authors J. Kimaro and C. Bogner
Pages 53 - 64
Text pdf (2698 KB)
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