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List of Issues


    Issue 21 (2019)



Title Soil-water management performance and layout optimization of an innovative bamboo-drip system in West-Africa
Authors H. Agossou, J. Bogardi and B. Tischbein
Pages 01 - 15
Text pdf (1851 KB)


Title Emerging challenges and way forward for irrigated agriculture of Bangladesh
Authors M.A. Mojid
Pages 17 - 28
Text pdf (478 KB)


Title Groundwater potential and water quality evaluation in parts of Basement Complex, north-central Nigeria
Authors O.O. Ige, W.O. Ogunrinde and D.O. Obasaju
Pages 29 - 40
Text pdf (1432 KB)


Title Productive use of rainwater for competing water demand in Pakistan
Authors T.F. Ahmed, S.U.S. Shah, M.A. Khan and M.A. Afzal
Pages 41 - 50
Text pdf (655 KB)


Title The transition to desalinated water for irrigation: Effects on groundwater beneath agricultural areas
Authors C. Ish Shalom and O. Katz
Pages 51 - 56
Text pdf (2091 KB)
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