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    Issue 14 (2016)

Special Issue: "Sustainable Solutions to Wastewater Management: Maximizing the Impact
of Territorial Co-operation" - WASTEnet 2015
Guest editors: G. Sylaios, G.D. Gikas and V.A. Tsihrintzis


Title Editorial
Authors G. Sylaios, G.D. Gikas and V.A. Tsihrintzis
Pages 03 - 04
Text pdf (374 KB)


Title Statistical variation of nutrient concentrations and biological removal efficiency of a wastewater treatment plant
Authors C. Raptopoulou, P.-A. Palasantza, M. Mitrakas, K. Kalaitzidou, A. Tolkou and A. Zouboulis
Pages 05 - 17
Text pdf (631 KB)


Title Kinetics of COD in wastewater stabilization ponds in northern Greece
Authors M. Gratziou and M. Chalatsi
Pages 19 - 27
Text pdf (3404 KB)


Title Application of Continuous Improvement Strategy for reducing environmental impact of a wastewater treatment plant
Authors L.D. Robescu, C. Silivestru, A. Presura, A. Pana and R. Mihai
Pages 29 - 40
Text pdf (1439 KB)


Title Construction of first wastewater treatment plant in Kosovo: an EU pilot project
Authors B.S. Kajtazi
Pages 41 - 46
Text pdf (2129 KB)


Title Adsorption efficiency of fired clay materials in removal of copper ion from printing developer waste
Authors J.S. Kiurski, J.G. Ranogajec and V.S. Kecic
Pages 47 - 54
Text pdf (628 KB)


Title Removal of copper and COD from electroplating effluents by photovoltaic electrocoagulation / electrooxidation process
Authors K. Dermentzis, D. Stergiopoulos, P. Giannakoudakis and A. Moumtzakis
Pages 55 - 62
Text pdf (615 KB)
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