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    Issue 71/72 (2020)

Special Issue: "Water Resources and Environmental Management"
(14th Conference of the Hellenic Hydrotechnical Association)
Guest editors: A. Psilovikos, D. Karpouzos, P. Georgiou and M. Spiliotis


Title Editorial: Water Resources and Environmental Management
Authors A. Psilovikos, D. Karpouzos, P. Georgiou and M. Spiliotis
Pages 1 - 2
Text pdf (122 KB)


Title Modeling of Dissolved Oxygen concentration using a Deep Neural Network approach in Lake Kastoria, Greece
Authors L. Karamoutsou and A. Psilovikos
Pages 3 - 14
Text pdf (1055 KB)


Title Development of a scalable computational tool for irrigation scheduling
Authors V. Mademli, D. Karpouzos, P. Georgiou and D. Pantelakis
Pages 15 - 26
Text pdf (2048 KB)


Title Dealing with LSPIV questions on the field: An approach for autonomous flood gauging using UAVs
Authors G. Moraitis and E. Baltas
Pages 27 - 40
Text pdf (2929 KB)


Title Classifying hydrological drought through fuzzy sets
Authors M. Spiliotis, Ch. Papadopoulos, P. Angelidis and B. Papadopoulos
Pages 41 - 61
Text pdf (1495 KB)


Title Optimal management of polluted aquifers with genetic algorithms, considering possible Nitrogen retrieval for reuse as fertilizer
Authors Y.N. Kontos
Pages 63 - 77
Text pdf (4076 KB)
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