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List of Issues


    Issue 60 (2017)

Special Issue: "10th Word Congress on Water Resources and Environment"
(EWRA2017 - Issue IV)
Guest editors: G. Tsakiris, V.A. Tsihrintzis, H. Vangelis, D. Tigkas


Title On the barriers to adapt to less water under climate change in Mediterranean countries
Authors A. Iglesias and L. Garrote
Pages 1 - 8
Text pdf (792 KB)


Title Sensitivity analysis of a probabilistic flood inundation mapping framework for ungauged catchments
Authors G. Papaioannou, A. Loukas, L. Vasiliades and G.T. Aronica
Pages 9 - 16
Text pdf (2878 KB)


Title Using cross-over analysis to support water user discussion about investments in water sources for irrigation
Authors M.J. Nikkels, J.H.A. Guillaume, P. Leith, N.J. Mendham, P.R. van Oel and H. Meinke
Pages 17 - 23
Text pdf (448 KB)


Title Simulation and optimization of hydraulic-hydrologic complex system (case study in Iran)
Authors R. Mansouri, H. Torabi Pudeh, M. Zounemat-Kermani and A. Karbakhsh
Pages 25 - 32
Text pdf (993 KB)


Title Evaluation and development of spatial decision support system
Authors H. Alrayess and A. Ulke
Pages 33 - 40
Text pdf (2144 KB)


Title Integrated water resources management in agro-economy using linear programming: The case of lake Karla basin, Greece
Authors A. Alamanos, S. Xenarios, N. Mylopoulos and P. Stĺlnacke
Pages 41 - 47
Text pdf (591 KB)


Title A land accounting system for integrated water resources management
Authors G.E. Bariamis, E.A. Baltas, V.A. Tsihrintzis and M.A. Mimikou
Pages 49 - 54
Text pdf (2362 KB)


Title Prospects for sustainable water resources management within the River Djetinja catchment
Authors B.B. Matić and Z. Simić
Pages 55 - 60
Text pdf (1052 KB)


Title Towards the optimization of water resource use in the Upper Blue Nile river basin
Authors A.-T. Stamou and P. Rutschmann
Pages 61 - 66
Text pdf (1083 KB)


Title Indexing vulnerability of an embankment reach against breaching: A remote sensing and hydrodynamic based study
Authors B. Talukdar, A. Baid and R. Das
Pages 67 - 71
Text pdf (1120 KB)


Title Algiers water issue: Key indicators for a diagnosis of water resources carrying capacity
Authors M. Naimi Ait-Aoudia and E. Berezowska-Azzag
Pages 73 - 79
Text pdf (730 KB)


Title The seismic risk of new and existing dams
Authors P.N. Psarropoulos
Pages 81 - 88
Text pdf (3174 KB)


Title Water, energy and food nexus: The Q-Nexus model
Authors A. Karnib
Pages 89 - 97
Text pdf (1213 KB)


Title Small zoned earthfill dam simplified design with 3D solid modeling techniques
Authors D. Myronidis
Pages 99 - 106
Text pdf (770 KB)


Title Different design techniques in determining reservoir capacity
Authors H. Alrayess, U. Zeybekoglu and A. Ulke
Pages 107 - 115
Text pdf (882 KB)


Title Geo-Information analysis of the mini hydropower potential in the Liguria Region
Authors A. Palla, I. Gnecco, P. La Barbera, M. Ivaldi and D. Caviglia
Pages 117 - 122
Text pdf (4466 KB)


Title Trade-off between environmental flow policy and run-of-river hydropower generation in Mediterranean climate
Authors A. Kuriqi, A.N. Pinheiro, A. Sordo-Ward and L. Garrote
Pages 123 - 130
Text pdf (7147 KB)


Title Effects of crop pattern changes on hydroelectric power generation in Gediz river basin
Authors C.P. Çetinkaya and M.C. Günaçtı
Pages 131 - 137
Text pdf (4557 KB)


Title GIS based analytic hierarchy process in determination of suitable site for water storage
Authors I. Ahmad and M.K. Verma
Pages 139 - 146
Text pdf (1664 KB)


Title Effect of land use change on flood extent in the inflow stream of lake Paralimni, Cyprus
Authors C. Sophocleous and I. Nalbantis
Pages 147 - 153
Text pdf (1183 KB)


Title Research on conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater for managed aquifer recharge (MAR) at the River Nestos Delta, Greece
Authors L. Avgeris, D. Karasogiannidis, I. Gkiougkis, F. Pliakas, T. Tzevelekis, K. Bellos and I. Diamantis
Pages 155 - 160
Text pdf (2712 KB)


Title Land accounting perspective on water resources management
Authors G.T. Paschos, G.E. Bariamis and E.A. Baltas
Pages 161 - 166
Text pdf (594 KB)


Title Environmental flow assessment through integrated approaches
Authors M. Tegos, I. Nalbantis and A. Tegos
Pages 167 - 173
Text pdf (2826 KB)


Title Sustainable management of water resources to safeguarding drinking water – The Water-Guard Project
Authors S. Taskaris, I. Boskidis and P. Symeonidis
Pages 175 - 180
Text pdf (3332 KB)


Title Drought management and policy: Changing the paradigm from crisis to risk management
Authors D.A. Wilhite
Pages 181 - 187
Text pdf (1164 KB)


Title Near-real time hydrological drought monitoring in the European Drought Observatory
Authors C. Cammalleri, J. Vogt and P. Salamon
Pages 189 - 193
Text pdf (1070 KB)


Title Modification of the Palmer Drought Severity Index for Mediterranean environments: Model and application
Authors A. Paulo, D.S. Martins, P. Paredes, R.D. Rosa and L.S. Pereira
Pages 195 - 201
Text pdf (1188 KB)


Title Climate change and water valuation in Souss-Massa region: Management and adaptive measures
Authors L. Bouchaou, R. Choukr-Allah, A. Hirich, M.S. Ennasr, M. Malki, H. Abahous, B. Bouaakaz and A. Nghira
Pages 203 - 209
Text pdf (922 KB)


Title Analysis of drought severity in Seyhan river basin
Authors G. Onusluel Gul and A. Kuzucu
Pages 211 - 217
Text pdf (1099 KB)


Title Coastal aquifer response to drought scenarios: The case of Rhodes island
Authors H. Vangelis, G. Kopsiaftis, D. Tigkas and V. Christelis
Pages 219 - 225
Text pdf (1585 KB)


Title Comparison of hedging rule curves depending on available water and current storage in reservoir operation under droughts
Authors S. Lee, Y. Jin and J. Park
Pages 227 - 232
Text pdf (1039 KB)


Title Assessing the use of SPI in detecting agricultural and hydrological droughts and their temporal cyclicity: Some Slovakian case studies
Authors M.M. Portela, A.T. Silva, J.F. Santos, M. Zeleňáková and H. Hlavatá
Pages 233 - 239
Text pdf (941 KB)


Title Peak drought severity time analysis of Cheongmicheon watershed using meteorological and hydrological drought index
Authors S.H. Kim and E.-S. Chung
Pages 241 - 246
Text pdf (693 KB)


Title Wavelet transform based trend analysis for drought variability over 566 stations in India
Authors M.K. Goyal and A. Sharma
Pages 247 - 253
Text pdf (2467 KB)


Title Frequency and severity of dry spell phenomenon in Ghezala Dam reservoir (Tunisia)
Authors M. Mathlouthi and F. Lebdi
Pages 255 - 261
Text pdf (784 KB)


Title Drought analysis with SPI index and entropy
Authors T. Baran, U. Guner Bacanli and F. Dikbas
Pages 263 - 270
Text pdf (911 KB)


Title Long-term variation of PDSI and SPI computed with reanalysis products
Authors D.S. Martins, A.A. Paulo, C. Pires and L.S. Pereira
Pages 271 - 278
Text pdf (697 KB)


Title Sustainable management of rainwater harvesting systems: A case study of a semi-arid area
Authors M. Nanekely and M. Scholz
Pages 279 - 285
Text pdf (692 KB)


Title The effect of reservoir networks on drought propagation
Authors P.R. van Oel, E.S.P.R. Martins and A.C. Costa
Pages 287 - 292
Text pdf (996 KB)


Title Low flow conditions evaluation within the western Morava river basin
Authors Z. Simić and B.B. Matić
Pages 293 - 298
Text pdf (7432 KB)


Title Stochastic generation of low stream flow data of Perigiali Stream, Kavala city, NE Greece
Authors T. Papalaskaris and T. Panagiotidis
Pages 299 - 306
Text pdf (710 KB)


Title Crop pattern modification for long term mitigation planning against persisting droughts
Authors V. Tsakiris, D. Tigkas and H. Vangelis
Pages 307 - 311
Text pdf (481 KB)


Title Characterization of drought in Italy applying the Reconnaissance Drought Index
Authors R. Zucaro, C. Antinoro and G. Giannerini
Pages 313 - 318
Text pdf (735 KB)


Title SPI analysis over Greece using high resolution precipitation gridded datasets
Authors E.G. Feloni, K.G. Kotsifakis, P.T. Nastos and E.A. Baltas
Pages 319 - 326
Text pdf (4183 KB)


Title System based multivariate drought characterisation for surface water
Authors I. Nalbantis and G. Tsakiris
Pages 327 - 333
Text pdf (706 KB)


Title Drought Identification and Trend Analysis in Peloponnese, Greece
Authors K. Saita, I. Papageorgaki and H. Vangelis
Pages 335 - 340
Text pdf (3956 KB)


Title Sustainable restoration of the Urmia Lake: History, threats, opportunities and challenges
Authors M. Soudi, H. Ahmadi, M. Yasi and S.A. Hamidi
Pages 341 - 347
Text pdf (1026 KB)


Title Water market and its effects on the sustainable management of water resources in Chile
Authors N. Kretschmer, R. Oyarzun, P. Alvarez and J. Arumi
Pages 349 - 355
Text pdf (1007 KB)


Title Legislative framework for drinking water (re)sources monitoring in the Adriatic region
Authors B. Karleusa and B. Matic
Pages 357 - 363
Text pdf (774 KB)


Title Underground taming of floods in the Ganges basin: Technologies, institutions and policies
Authors V. Ratna Reddy, S.K. Rout and P. Pavelic
Pages 365 - 371
Text pdf (1421 KB)


Title Environmental crimes in the water sector
Authors L. Segato, W. Mattioli, N. Capello and M. Migliorini
Pages 373 - 379
Text pdf (430 KB)


Title Grounded theory methodology and public participation in water management
Authors Z. Srdjevic, N. Funamizu, B. Srdjevic and R. Bajcetic
Pages 381 - 386
Text pdf (889 KB)


Title The Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) programme in north Mediterranean
Authors M. Antonakopoulou, K. Toli, V. Constantianos and M. Scoullos
Pages 387 - 394
Text pdf (2980 KB)


Title Towards 3D modelling of public law restrictions in water bodies
Authors D. Kitsakis and I. Papageorgaki
Pages 395 - 401
Text pdf (1563 KB)


Title A perspective to wastewater legislation in European Countries and Turkey
Authors H.T. Gultas, A.H. Orta and Y. Ahi
Pages 403 - 407
Text pdf (421 KB)


Title Prototype observatory facilitating integrated coastal zone management at municipal level
Authors N. Kokkos, V. Kaplakis, V. Pissinaras and G. Sylaios
Pages 409 - 414
Text pdf (2503 KB)


Title A road map for resolving conflicts in dam's administration: The case of Peiros - Parapeiros dam in Greece
Authors M.V. Podimata and P.C. Yannopoulos
Pages 415 - 421
Text pdf (1529 KB)


Title Ecological flows and the Water Framework Directive implementation: An effective coevolution?
Authors V. Ramos, N. Formigo and R. Maia
Pages 423 - 432
Text pdf (1402 KB)


Title Measuring sustainable delivery of water, sanitation and hygiene services at the household level: Does the measure matter?
Authors R. Giné-Garriga and A. Pérez-Foguet
Pages 433 - 439
Text pdf (515 KB)


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