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    Issue 59 (2017)

Special Issue: "10th Word Congress on Water Resources and Environment"
(EWRA2017 - Issue III)
Guest editors: G. Tsakiris, V.A. Tsihrintzis, H. Vangelis, D. Tigkas


Title The effect of storage under climate change in Southern European basins
Authors A. Granados, L. Garrote, A. Sordo-Ward and F. Martin-Carrasco
Pages 1 - 8
Text pdf (4968 KB)


Title Assessment of climate-change impacts on precipitation based on selected RCM projections
Authors D.J. Peres, M.F. Caruso and A. Cancelliere
Pages 9 - 15
Text pdf (1690 KB)


Title Evaluating the water resources and operation of the Boukan Dam in Iran under climate change
Authors F. Emami and M. Koch
Pages 17 - 24
Text pdf (1332 KB)


Title Turkish Water Foundation (TWF) statistical climate downscaling model procedures and temperature projections
Authors I. Dabanlı and Z. Şen
Pages 25 - 32
Text pdf (6963 KB)


Title Influence of the geographic location of dams on spring daily flows magnitude during the 2007-2008 La Niña event (Québec, Canada)
Authors A.A. Assani and A. Pothier-Champagne
Pages 33 - 38
Text pdf (2798 KB)


Title An informational entropy application to test the goodness of fit of probability functions
Authors T. Baran, F. Barbaros, A. Gül and G. Onuşluel Gül
Pages 39 - 44
Text pdf (730 KB)


Title A snow variability analysis in Iran in relation to global warming and climate change
Authors T. Raziei, I. Bordi and L.S. Pereira
Pages 45 - 51
Text pdf (794 KB)


Title Hydrological and water temperature modelling for dam decommissioning and climate change studies
Authors S.J. Dugdale, A. St-Hilaire and R.A. Curry
Pages 53 - 59
Text pdf (1707 KB)


Title Assessment of impact of climate change on streamflows using VIC model
Authors A. Treesa, J. Das and N.V. Umamahesh
Pages 61 - 68
Text pdf (1124 KB)


Title Weather generator utilization in climate impact studies: Implications for water resources modelling
Authors M.W. Gitau, S. Mehan and T. Guo
Pages 69 - 75
Text pdf (1507 KB)


Title Causes of dimming/brightening in Greece and implications on reference evapotranspiration
Authors G. Kitsara, G. Papaioannou and P. Kerkides
Pages 77 - 83
Text pdf (1054 KB)


Title Using Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model for extreme precipitation forecasting in an Andean region with complex topography
Authors G. Yáñez Morroni, J. Gironás, M. Caneo and R. Delgado
Pages 85 - 90
Text pdf (2621 KB)


Title Impact of climate change on irrigation need and groundwater resources in River Pinios Basin
Authors A. Panagopoulos, F. Herrmann, V. Pisinaras and F. Wendland
Pages 91 - 98
Text pdf (1652 KB)


Title Investigations of trends in meteorological time series
Authors M. Zeleňáková, P. Purcz, D.C. Diaconu, B. Pius, H. Hlavatá and M.M. Portela
Pages 99 - 105
Text pdf (682 KB)


Title Generation of daily synthetic flows for Switzerland
Authors M.M. Portela, A.T. Silva, A.C. Santos and B. Schaefli
Pages 107 - 114
Text pdf (1323 KB)


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