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    Issue 55 (2016)

Special Issue: "Integrated Water Resources Management in the New Era"
Guest editors: K.L. Katsifarakis, V.A. Tsihrintzis, G. Tsakiris


Title Editorial
Authors K.L. Katsifarakis, V.A. Tsihrintzis and G. Tsakiris
Pages 3 - 5
Text pdf (384 KB)


Title Equity considerations in implementing tradable water permits systems in agriculture - A case study from Greece
Authors D. Latinopoulos
Pages 7 - 19
Text pdf (831 KB)


Title Pressures on water resources for sheep and goats breeding in the Regional Unit of Karditsa employing the water footprint approach
Authors A. Dota, N. Theodossiou and V. Dotas
Pages 21 - 30
Text pdf (574 KB)


Title Solutions of the Elder problem for a wide range of the Rayleigh number
Authors J.N.E. Papaspyros, K.N. Moutsopoulos and E. Tzavellas
Pages 31 - 40
Text pdf (3180 KB)


Title Spatial water resource allocation using a multi-objective ant colony optimization
Authors E. Sidiropoulos and D. Fotakis
Pages 41 - 51
Text pdf (1000 KB)


Title Development of constant and variable density models to study groundwater flow and seawater intrusion in the aquifer of Nea Moudania, Greece
Authors I. Siarkos and P. Latinopoulos
Pages 53 - 66
Text pdf (3151 KB)


Title Response of a degraded coastal aquifer to water resources management scenarios: The case of Almyros aquifer, Magnesia, Central Greece
Authors P. Sidiropoulos, A. Loukas and I. Georgiadou
Pages 67 - 77
Text pdf (3786 KB)


Title Analysis of groundwater level measurements - Application in the Moudania aquifer in Greece
Authors N.-M. Panteli and N. Theodossiou
Pages 79 - 89
Text pdf (1853 KB)


Title Predictive modeling of microcystin concentrations in a hypertrophic lake by means of Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)
Authors N. Mellios, T. Papadimitriou and C. Laspidou
Pages 91 - 103
Text pdf (1132 KB)


Title Selection of the most appropriate parameter for the chlorophyll-a estimation of an artificial lake via fuzzy linear regression
Authors G. Ellina and I. Kagalou
Pages 105 - 114
Text pdf (1047 KB)


Title Statistical analysis and assessment of water quality parameters in Pagoneri, river Nestos
Authors A. Sentas, A. Psilovikos and Th. Psilovikos
Pages 115 - 124
Text pdf (6604 KB)


Title Calibration of a bed load transport rate model in streams of NE Greece
Authors T. Papalaskaris, V. Hrissanthou and E. Sidiropoulos
Pages 125 - 139
Text pdf (1764 KB)


Title Hydroclimatic analysis of Greece using multi-parametric clustering of monthly precipitation and reference crop evapotranspiration
Authors K. Demertzi, D. Papamichail, V. Aschonitis and G. Miliaresis
Pages 141 - 155
Text pdf (2242 KB)
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