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    Issue 53 (2016)

Special Issue: "Sustainable Solutions to Wastewater Management: Maximizing the Impact
of Territorial Co-operation" - WASTEnet 2015
Guest editors: G. Sylaios, G. Gikas and V.A. Tsihrintzis


Title Editorial
Authors G. Sylaios, G. Gikas and V.A. Tsihrintzis
Pages 3 - 4
Text pdf (361 KB)


Title Impact of domestic wastewater on surface water quality of selected residential settlements in Armenia
Authors L. Margaryan
Pages 5 - 12
Text pdf (603 KB)


Title Estimating water quality using site specific assessment method and macroinvertebrates: A case of the Akhuryan river basin in Armenia
Authors A. Hovhannisyan and G. Shahnazaryan
Pages 13 - 25
Text pdf (751 KB)


Title Environmental monitoring and operational modelling of Inner Thermaikos Gulf, Greece
Authors P. Symeonidis, I. Boskidis, S. Taskaris, G.K. Sylaios, N. Kokkos, T. Giannaros, M. Seferlis, M. Petrakakis, A. Kelessis and P. Tzoumaka
Pages 27 - 35
Text pdf (3586 KB)


Title Waste management alternatives for hazardous waste lists
Authors I. Talinli, E. Topuz and E. Aydin
Pages 37 - 47
Text pdf (985 KB)


Title GIS analyses for selection of construction sites for natural wastewater treatment systems
Authors J. Hanganu, A. Constantinescu and S. Sachelarescu
Pages 49 - 54
Text pdf (2139 KB)


Title Study of the hydrodynamic characteristics of a Mediterranean stabilization ponds system using a 3D hydrodynamic model
Authors M. Gratziou, K. Kopasakis and M. Chalatsi
Pages 55 - 70
Text pdf (5710 KB)


Title A new solution to municipal wastewater treatment in Armenia
Authors E. Mesropyan, V. Mkrtchyan and A. Hovsepyan
Pages 71 - 75
Text pdf (654 KB)
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