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List of Issues


    Issue 52 (2015)

Special Issue: "Water Resources Management in a Changing World:
Challenges and Opportunities" (EWRA2015 - Issue II)
Guest editors: A. Loukas, B. Yegen, R. Maia, H. Aksoy


Title Trend analysis of mean and extreme rainfall in Calabria (southern Italy)
Authors T. Caloiero, R. Coscarelli and E. Ferrari
Pages 3 - 12
Text pdf (2550 KB)


Title The European Flood Directive: Current implementation and technical issues in transboundary catchments, Evros / Maritsa example
Authors E. Eleftheriadou, I. Giannopoulou and S. Yannopoulos
Pages 13 - 22
Text pdf (1567 KB)


Title Avulsion potential on alluvial fans using a hydraulic-geomorphic approach: A case study of Sarbaz and Ferizy (Iran)
Authors Z. Mollaei, H. Madani, H. Moghimzadeh, F. Akbarpoor, K. Davary and F. Faridani
Pages 23 - 34
Text pdf (4818 KB)


Title Seasonal and spatial investigation of trends in precipitation in Slovakia
Authors M. Zeleňáková, M.M. Portela, P. Purcz, P. Blišťan, A.T. Silva, H. Hlavatá and J.F. Santos
Pages 35 - 42
Text pdf (4734 KB)


Title Flood damage risk assessment supporting mitigation measures plan: The Sardinian region flood-risk management plan
Authors S. Frongia, S. Liberatore and G.M. Sechi
Pages 43 - 55
Text pdf (2229 KB)
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