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List of Issues


    Issue 44 (2013)

Special Issue: Water Resources Management in an Interdisciplinary and Changing Context
(EWRA2013 - Issue II)


Title The Water Framework Directive and state of Europe’s water
Authors P. Kristensen, A. Lyche Solheim and K. Austnes
Pages 3 - 10
Text pdf (1444 KB)


Title Economic valuation of drought impacts on urban water supply systems: Application to a Portuguese drought prone area
Authors E. Vivas and R. Maia
Pages 11 - 22
Text pdf (4002 KB)


Title Impact of sediments distribution along Chotárny channel on recharge water amount
Authors R. Dulovicova, Y. Veliskova, M. Koczka Bara and R. Schugerl
Pages 23 - 31
Text pdf (694 KB)


Title Water availability, scarcity and quantitative pressures in the Portuguese national water plan
Authors F. Freire de Carvalho and J. Almeida
Pages 33 - 42
Text pdf (4151 KB)
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