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List of Issues


    Issue 40 (2012)

Special Issue: Protection and Restoration of the Environment XI (Issue II)
Guest editors: K.L. Katsifarakis, N. Theodossiou, Z. Mallios


Title Delineation of wellhead protection zones for the control of point pollution sources in the aquifer of N. Moudania, Greece
Authors I. Siarkos and P. Latinopoulos
Pages 3 - 17
Text pdf (389 KB)


Title Investment, operation and maintenance costs (2012) for natural wastewater treatment systems in small communities in Colombia
Authors J.M. Patiño Gómez and J.A. Lara-Borrero
Pages 19 - 30
Text pdf (294 KB)


Title Optimization of management of polluted fractured aquifers using genetic algorithms
Authors Y.N. Kontos and K.L. Katsifarakis
Pages 31 - 42
Text pdf (518 KB)


Title Plankton changes as critical processes for restoration plans of lakes Kastoria and Koronia
Authors M. Moustaka-Gouni, E. Michaloudi, K.A. Kormas, M. Katsiapi, E. Vardaka and S. Genitsaris
Pages 43 - 51
Text pdf (326 KB)


Title Spatial groundwater allocation via stochastic and simulated evolution on a cellular background
Authors E. Sidiropoulos and D. Fotakis
Pages 53 - 63
Text pdf (274 KB)
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