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List of Issues


    Issue 29 (2010)  


Title Deterioration of Coastal Water Aquifers: Causes and Impacts
Authors S.I. Korfali and M. Jurdi
Pages 3 - 10
Text pdf (205 KB)


Title Investigating the Optimal Management of the Helps Road Drain Urban Stormwater Harvesting System within the City of Salisbury
Authors P. Thomas, P.G. Howlett and J. Piantadosi
Pages 11 - 19
Text pdf (340 KB)


Title Assessing Water System Vulnerability to Multi-year Droughts
Authors G. Tsakiris, H. Vangelis and D. Tigkas
Pages 21 - 29
Text pdf (272 KB)


Title The Role of Solid Salt in Groundwater Salination Process, Kinnarot Basin, Israel
Authors N. Inbar, A. Flexer, H. Shulman and A. Yellin-Dror
Pages 31 - 38
Text pdf (916 KB)


Title Group Water Schemes in Ireland Their Role within the Irish Water Sector
Authors J. Brady and N.F. Gray
Pages 39 - 58
Text pdf (303 KB)
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