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List of Issues


    Issue 25/26 (2009)  


Title Water Resources Protection in the Lake Chad Basin in the Changing Environment
Authors B. Ngounou Ngatcha
Pages 3 - 12
Text pdf (470 KB)


Title Interactions between Cadmium, Lead, Cobalt, and Nickel in Broccoli, irrigated with treated municipal wastewater
Authors I.K. Kalavrouziotis, P.H. Koukoulakis, G. Manouris and A.H. Papadopoulos
Pages 13 - 23
Text pdf (270 KB)


Title An Application of Drought Indices in Malta, Case Study
Authors D. S. Borg
Pages 25 - 38
Text pdf (518 KB)


Title Critical Technical Issues on the EU Flood Directive
Authors G. Tsakiris, I. Nalbantis and A. Pistrika
Pages 39 - 51
Text pdf (369 KB)


Title The Impact of Geological Setting on the Groundwater Occurrences in Some Wadis in Shalatein - Abu Ramad Area, South Eastern Desert, Egypt
Authors A.F. Yousef, A.A. Salem, A.M. Baraka and O.Sh. Aglan
Pages 53 - 68
Text pdf (1016 KB)
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