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    Issue 23/24 (2008)

Special Issue: Water Shortage Management
Guest editors: S. Michaelides, G. Rossi, N. Dalezios, G. Tsakiris


Title Uni-dimensional Analysis of Droughts for Management Decisions
Authors G. Tsakiris
Pages 3 - 11
Text pdf (489 KB)


Title Strategic Water Shortage Preparedness Plan for Complex Water Supply Systems
Authors G. Rossi, V. Nicolosi and A. Cancelliere
Pages 13 - 28
Text pdf (801 KB)


Title Drought Characterisation and Monitoring in Regions of Greece
Authors D. Tigkas
Pages 29 - 39
Text pdf (570 KB)


Title Water Resources Management in Agriculture under Drought and Water Shortage Conditions: A Case Study in Southern Italy
Authors G. Mendicino, A. Senatore and P. Versace
Pages 41 - 56
Text pdf (534 KB)


Title Regional Drought Assessment Based on the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) and the Reconnaissance Drought Index (RDI): A case study for Cyprus
Authors S. Pashiardis and S. Michaelides
Pages 57 - 64
Text pdf (720 KB)


Title Evaluation of a Hydrological Drought Index
Authors I. Nalbantis
Pages 65 - 76
Text pdf (453 KB)


Title Measures for facing Water Scarcity and Drought in Malta
Authors M. Sapiano
Pages 77 - 84
Text pdf (725 KB)


Title Index-based Drought Assessment in Semi-Arid Areas of Greece based on Conventional Data
Authors E. Kanellou, C. Domenikiotis, A. Blanta, E. Hondronikou and N.R. Dalezios
Pages 85 - 98
Text pdf (657 KB)


Title Coastal aquifer response in drought scenarios
Authors G. Kopsiaftis, V. Christelis and A. Mantoglou
Pages 99 - 110
Text pdf (425 KB)


Title Satellite-based Drought Estimation in Thessaly
Authors E. Kanellou, C. Domenikiotis, E. Tsiros and N.R. Dalezios
Pages 111 - 122
Text pdf (525 KB)


Title Monitoring Drought in Cyprus during the 2007-2008 Hydrometeorological Year by using the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)
Authors S. Michaelides and S. Pashiardis
Pages 123 - 132
Text pdf (625 KB)


Title Time Series Analysis of Climate and Vegetation variables in the Oreto Watershed (Sicily, Italy)
Authors F.Capodici, G. Ciraolo, G. La Loggia, L. Liuzzo, L.V. Noto and M.T. Noto
Pages 133 - 145
Text pdf (679 KB)
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