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List of Issues


    Issue 21/22 (2008)  


Title Impacts of Human Interaction on the Sediment Transport Processes in the Arachtos River Basin,  Western Greece
Authors Y. Panagopoulos, E. Georgiou, A. Grammatikogiannis, E. Polizoi and M. Mimikou
Pages 3 - 15
Text pdf (1429 KB)


Title Comparative analysis of reference evapotranspiration from the surface of rainfed grass in central Serbia, calculated by six empirical methods against the Penman-Monteith formula
Authors S. Alexandris, R. Stricevic and S. Petkovic
Pages 17 - 28
Text pdf (584 KB)


Title An Estimated Erosion Map for the Aterno-Pescara River Basin
Authors B. Lastoria, F. Miserocchi, A. Lanciani and G. Monacelli
Pages 29 - 39
Text pdf (766 KB)


Title The Impact of North West active fault system on the recharge of the quaternary aquifer system around the Nile valley: Case study Wadi El-Assuity, Eastern Desert, Egypt
Authors A.F. Yousef
Pages 41 - 55
Text pdf (1108 KB)


Title Geochemistry of stream sediments as a tool for assessing contamination by Arsenic, Chromium and other toxic elements: East Attica region, Greece
Authors D. Alexakis
Pages 57 - 72
Text pdf (905 KB)
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