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List of Issues


    Issue 19/20 (2007)  


Title Impact of the industrial rejections on water on Annaba aquifer (Algeria)
Authors A. Hani, S. Djorfi, L. Djabri, C. Lamouroux and S. Lallahem
Pages 3 - 14
Text pdf (336 KB)


Title Using the fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process for selecting wastewater facilities at prefecture level
Authors K.P. Anagnostopoulos, M. Gratziou and A.P. Vavatsikos
Pages 15 - 24
Text pdf (206 KB)


Title Towards a new leader of local water policy in France?
Authors A. Grandgirard
Pages 25 - 35
Text pdf (174 KB)


Title Groundwater quality in Slovenia assessed upon the results of national groundwater monitoring
Authors M. Krajnc, M. Gacin, P.Krsnik, E. Sodja and A. Kolenc
Pages 37 - 46
Text pdf (387 KB)



Practical Application of Risk and Hazard Concepts in Proactive Planning


G. Tsakiris

Pages 47 - 56
Text pdf (265 KB)
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