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List of Issues


    Issue 17/18 (2007)  


Title Constructing scenarios of agricultural diffuse pollution using an integrated hydro-economic modelling approach
Authors N. Graveline and J-D. Rinaudo
Pages 3 - 16
Text pdf (217 KB)


Title Evaluation of Climate Change on Drought Impulses in Thessaly, Greece
Authors A. Loukas, L. Vasiliades and J. Tzabiras
Pages 17 - 28
Text pdf (459 KB)


Title Water fluxes and diffuse nitrate pollution at the river basin scale – Interfaces for the coupling of agroeconomic models with hydrologic models
Authors R. Kunkel, B. Tetzlaff, H. Gömann, P. Kreins and F. Wendland
Pages 29 - 40
Text pdf (570 KB)


Title PPPs in the renewable sources energy sector: the Greek experience of a medium-scale hydropower plant
Authors V. Kanakoudis, M. Podimata and A. Papotis
Pages 41 - 49
Text pdf (197 KB)


Title Uranium and radon in groundwater - An overview of the problem
Authors K. Skeppström and B. Olofsson
Pages 51 - 62
Text pdf (466 KB)
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