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List of Issues


    Issue 1/2 (2003)  


Title Distributed surface-groundwater coupled model applied to climate or long term water management impacts at basin scale
Authors E. Gomez, E. Ledoux, J-M. Monget and G. De Marsily
Pages 3 - 8
Text pdf (346 KB)


Title River Water Quality Management for the Senne River Basin (Belgium)
Authors A. Van Griensven and W. Bauwens
Pages 9 -15
Text pdf (329 KB)


Title Blocking Sea Intrusion in Brackish Karstic Springs (The Case of Almiros Spring at Heraklion Crete, Greece)
Authors A. Maramathas, Z. Maroulis and D. Marinos-Kouris
Pages 17 - 23
Text pdf (206 KB)


Title Climate Variability and Change Impact on Water Resources in Bulgaria
Authors V. Alexandrov and M. Genev
Pages 25 - 30
Text pdf (161 KB)


Title A Budget Model of Water, Salt and non-Conservative Nutrients in Strymonikos and Ierissos Gulfs
Authors G. Sylaios
Pages 31 - 36
Text pdf (179 KB)
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